How to get over first broken heart?

Up until now I've somehow managed to avoid getting my heart broken. I've never been in a position or relationship where I've "allowed" the guy to hurt me. Until now that is. And it sucks, it hurts to know that he wanted someone else, that I wasn't good enough. Don't get me wrong, the breakup wasn't overly horrible. He sat me down, told me how he felt and broke up with me. But it sucks being alone, going from having someone who I could count on to having no one. I've been through the crying, the anger, the acceptance. I just feel so lonely and...alone. I surround myself with friends, I keep busy, but it's all a show, I just don't feel happy. I make myself smile because there's no point in moping, but even with all that, I just feel like I have no one.

How do I handle this?


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  • i think you need to respect things weren't working, but try to look at this glass half full, its not that he chose someone else per say he was caring and attentive for a long time , as you said you could count on him, so he thought you were worth doing that for more than anyone else, and of course you were good enough , you were the one who caught his attention in the first place , then I agree with jay you need to let loose and re awaken your sexiness go out looking dayummm hot with all your girlfriends, party, drink, flirt , whatever you look you are completly FREE ! make the most , before you find another special someone


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  • I feel like your tell me my own story. I feel like I have this void in me and I can't fill it, a part of me is missing. I don't know how long you guys dated (I was in 2 yr. rela.) I basically tried to see what/who I WAS before the relationship and how I managed to go with life. I used to be "go with the flow" kinda guy then I got in a relationship, I'm goiong by "day by day" trying to get in the habit of being single. I don't know what to say, I guess try to find yourself? pick up a new hobbie or maybe do some flirting not to serious try to pick yourself up. (that last part is hard for me, I can't flirt anymore I feel like I don't know how to talk to girls anymore after being taken for so long lol )

  • okay to be honest what I would do if I was you is I would remove everything that reminds you of him and go out and have a night on the town and get yourself p*ssed :D. that will make you happy and he won't be on your mind anymore.


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  • find a NEW relationship