Is he still in to me?

This guy I've known for about 2 months now has been interested in me since the day I met him. He backed off because I was trying to pursue something with his friend.but when things ended he was quick to make his move. He was never too pushy about it. One night him and I ended up making out and I though that was that. However, he got my number from a friend and texted me the next day. In fact, he continued to text me all day every day for about two weeks. I really enjoyed our conversations. Somehow we just clicked. The conversation never died down and it was a perfect mix of real talking and flirting. Well about two days ago he brought up twice how we should hang out. I told him what day I was free.He got off work that day and everything. Then randomly I replied back to one of his texts and he never texted me back. I didn't say anything out of the ordinary.but today was the day we were supposed to hang out.and nothing!? I didn't text him because I had already sent something long and I didn't want to be that girl that bothers guys with the "hello? did you get my message? why are you ignoring me?" thing. I just assumed he would text me back eventually and he hasn't.what's up?


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  • Well, at this point, you really can't assume anything. He may not have gotten your text or he may have thought it was an old text and deleted it or something. If you don't somehow get in touch with him, you are not going to know what was up or whether he is blowing you off or not. I would say that if you have his phone number, call him because it's better to clear up any confusion before jumping to conclusions. If he does not return your call, then you know he really did blow you off. But, remember that there could be good reasons - like maybe he got cold feet (got scared) or is shy or something. It's ok to text somebody and say, "Hello? Did you get my message? Why are you ignoring me?" It's better to do that than to jump to conclusions and end up not knowing what's going on! That's what communication and relationships are all about - learning how to communicate what you are thinking and feeling - even if you think you might sound stupid. If he likes you, he's not going to care about that!


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  • It probably isn't you,maybe something went wrong and can't get at you right now.