MEN OUT there!: Please advice :What does taking things slow mean?

I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. We had no contact for for 2 weeks. He reached out and we hung out with his friends once and then 2 days letter where we kissed. I got confused all over again, so I asked him what was up with us. He said he wanted to take things slow. He then said I'm more than welcome to date other people. So I told him I couldn't do the slow thing especially if we had a full blown relationship.I felt like we were going backwards. So I told him I couldn't remain friends and I Changed my number. Did I do wrong? what does taking it slow even mean?


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  • He wants to take it slow.. seriously?


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  • I think he's just confused. He's not completely sure of his feelings towards you. Maybe there's someone else. Which is why he wants to go slowly and see if he still feels that way. Best of luck.