Am I just a rebound?

Me and my boyfriend broke up 5years ago And he started dating someone else whom he fell in love with they had a child together . For so many different reasons they broke up and we starting getting serious again. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT too do CAUSE THROUGH OUT THE PAST 5 years we have been still living to getheir and we have four kids together one who is only two years old..I'm just hoping I'm not just something to do until the next chick comes along


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  • well its not that yur a rebound, its more that he still has feelings for u...but at the same time, the fact that he quickly came to you and you let him back in could be the same thing as a rebound. I would hope that he knows not to bail on you now that you guys have kids, but you just never know

  • Four kids...damn. For your kids sake, I hope he's not using you as a rebound. If the chemistry is right, and both of you are generally happy, I don't think he'll dump you.


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