One of my friends kissed me and I don't know how to tell my boyfriend....

well, I've been going out with my boyfriend for two years and I never loved anyone so much in my life...

but last night I was at a party and I was so drunk I couldn't even get up from sitting on the floor, and I was sat with my friend and he said to me "i really wanna kiss you..."

so I was like "don't make me do something like that, its not fair at all" but he did it anyway and I feel so guilty and disgusting :( just to think that something like that was happening but my boyfriend was sitting at home thinking everything was OK and happy.

i mean, I didn't want to kiss him at all, but I still let it happen.

and now I want to tell my boyfriend because I can't look at his face and know that this happened. I've been looking on the internet and everyone pretty much says to keep it a secret, but I feel like I should tell him because even if he does finish with me, I deserve it anyway, don't i?

is there some advice out there for me? I'm going out of my mind here.


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  • You should tell him. The longer you let this go on, the worst it'll get. By telling him, you come out as an honest girl who made an unwilling mistake and feel very bad about it. And not only that, but it also means you really do care about him, else you wouldn't even feel guilty by having kissed someone else.

    Just explain to him how you were at a party and drunk and someone else came on to you, and there's very good chances that he will understand. I know I would, if my girl did get kissed by some other guy, and felt very bad for it. As long as you don't do it again, things should be fine. Everybody makes mistakes, and if he loves you, he'll forgive you for this one time thing. I mean it's not like you slept with the guy.


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  • Tell him. Honesty is as important to guys as it is to girls - we just don't advertise it as much. But if he really loves you, he'll forgive you, since the circumstances weren't really your fault. And I bet you'll actually be closer because of it because he'll know he can trust you to tell him even the hard things. Screw what the internet people say - listen to your conscience.

  • you need to tell you boyfriend and you should no longer have contact with the man that kissed you.


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  • i think you need to deal with the root of the problem which is drinking to the point of putting yourself at risk of a number of things that can go wrong. if you just have to tell him be ready to change your drinking habits. if you dont, you can't expect him to trust you.