Something is wrong with my boyfriend?!

We have a great relationship. .he's is really nice and I am really lucky but there is only one thing that irritates me, lately he has stopped texting me at night or calling me while he is on his way back home! I know he is with his friends but he used to always texts me first and now it's me who is texting him! I really wanna say that to him but can't :( I don't know why! What should I do? I really want him to do the same stuff as he use to do!


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  • If you liked what he was doing in the past, what were the both of you doing during that time that probably made him that way and are you doing it presently? Think of romance like a roller-coaster that needs energy to take it back to the top. Right now, it sounds like your in the free fall part of it.

  • Theres nothing wrong with that, I mean do you really want him to text you and call you every single night no matter what? Well, if you do, you should just talk to him about it little by little and see what's up. Well either way good luck with everything there ms.


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