I like this guy, he flirts with me a lot, would it be too forward to take him aside and just kiss him?

He's my brothers friend and I know it wouldn't bother my brother if we had a relationship because my brother knows I have feelings for him, but the fact of the matter is I'm 17 he is 19 and was taught to be a gentleman so anytime we get close enough to kiss someone interrupts or he pulls back to just random flirting. I would really just like to kiss him and have him hold me but I don't know how he will react probably just kiss back but again its the matter of age and he is very gentleman like about crossing boundaries. But he makes me laugh, and texts me when something exciting happens in his life or calls me when he isn't feeling good, and when he leaves to go somewhere far away during a break he always wakes me up early to say goodbye even though we did the night before, his hugs are so warm but I really don't need the awkwardness between us he comes home this weekend again and if I do kiss him I don't want it to ruin our great relationship. Help should I or shouldn't I?


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  • Hmm maybe don't just walk up and kiss him. I'd try asking him out first. It sounds like a good friendship and you wouldn't wanna make things too awkward.


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  • dont do it! Let him make the 1st move... is he interested or not?!

    if a guy is really interested in you, he will approach you...