My girlfriend does not kiss me the same way anymore

The first time we actually kissed was awesome, It was actually Making out... Then Eventually.. It gradually went down to a 3-4.. 5 sec tops frencher. She doesn't like making out with me any more... And the sex is gradually becoming lesser and lesser.. But she tells me she loves me... I am confused.. what should I do? Because of this, I ended up sleeping with someone else when we had a big fight and she decided to break up with me.. Well, we broke up.. So I guess it wasn't cheating... And I did it because we haven't had sex in a long time..

But back to the question... Is she getting bored? Does she have a low sex drive? Or is it just me? I actually asked her if its me and she said no. Did she lie? I don't want to keep her if she isn't happy. What to do?

By the way, we have been dating for a year and almost a month. This started probably half way out relationship.


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  • relationships have a way of braking up, I still don't know if there is a girl out there that any man can be satisfied with for the rest of his life but so far every new girlfriend I have is better and better so I think its important to move on when a relationship gets stale like this and see if there is something better for you


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  • I think she's trying to avoid being the one who breaks up with you and it sounds like 'maybe' she's involved with someone else if she's becoming distant with you as far as intimancy goes.

    Best wishes!


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  • I've had this happen to me a few times, they all broke up with me.. - sorry I don't have anything better, just though I would give you a heads up on what will probably happen..