Guys, have you ever had to choose between 2 girls?

If you did, why did you choose one girl over the other? If you bumped into the "other girl" (the 1 you didn't choose) 1 day and saw that she was more beautiful now, glowing and just really happy, would you have feelings of regret and even try to do something about it?


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  • Yeah had this choice one was pretty but she played head games after talking with her for an hour I would be mentaly tired and anxious etc but this other girl wasn't as cute but she was laid back and didn't play games, she would be able to make me feel relaxed and calm. You get tired of the games and choose the girl that makes you feel good as opposed to just looks...


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  • Only if I wasn't with the girl I chose...

  • Yeah, I hate when women are happy.

    • Uh, what the...?

    • Haha, it's OK to admit you're threatened and insecure. Wish more guys were like you. Thanks for the answer ;)

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