Dateable or Derailed?

I am not one for asking dating advice, but I got myself in a bit of a pickle. Over the last two years, I have been seeing this guy off and on, we've dated--not seriously, just had a lot of fun together and GREAT chemistry. I have been through some rough relationships in the past and was hesitant on considering an emotionally-invested relationship. PLUS, this guy had been trying to maintain a long distance relationship...while still dating me...which is sketchy and a turnoff since he made such a deal about her being his #1 priority and I essentially just wasn't on the same level as her. About five months ago things changed. The girl he was with dumped him and doesn't seem to want to maintain any contact.

I'm pretty sure he was bummed, but saw all of this coming. I, on the other hand, have been hanging out and being there for him through thick and thin over the last year...we grew closer despite his jerky moves and began to hook up regularly. Two months ago he began taking things more seriously with me...we've been going on cute dates once or twice a week and I met the family and such, so things seem to be going pretty well.

The part that scares me is I have developed strong feelings for him and I don't know how to tell if this is worth sticking around for or if he is just trying to find a temporary relief from a painful situation. I don't want to be a filler or a compromise when I have sincere feelings for him.


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  • Could be on the rebound, geting over her, or maybe thinking of geting back with her etc safer to wait until he is over her before you get serious with him.


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  • Have no clue, it sounds cruel that he dated two people at once, but it happens. Maybe he is unsure about his feelings for just have to go with it and play it out until you find out later. Maybe he really likes you but isn't Hooked on you like he was with her, but probably because she came first. Either way you're helping him heal, which is a good thing. Just keep being the awesome person he likes and it shall go smoothly, unless she comes back...then it might get messy, but remember it's probably because she's long distance that he feels like he likes her a lot and she's his main priority, for distance makes the heart grow fonder. But since she's gone you guys can bond now in a much better way, just make sure you guys do new exciting things together. Make great experiences and that will keep your guy's attraction to each other alive! Plus will get him way more attached with having such wonderful memories.