Girls: How would you react?

Say you liked this guy, and one day he ask if you wanted to go to this party that's going on tonight. But, he doesn't call you that night to invite you to the party. Instead, he text you 5 days after getting your number. How would you react to this? What would you do, or how would you reply?


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  • Basically, if he wasn't interested enough to call that night (or even show up because it sounds like someone got stood up), and then not call for another whole WEEK after the fact, he's not worth the time.

    Bottom line: if he was that bad on follow-through just for a party, can you imagine how unreliable he'll be in a relationship? That's the first thing I think when I've been in that situation.


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  • Matters how much I like him but unless it's A LOT then I'd be p*ssed and be like "he blew me off, he's done"

  • i would react by just saying wheres it at and what's the details, I would reply umm not sure wheres it at and what's the plan? but if I liked him I prob wouldn't care about details I would be like yep sure what to wear and what time.? and yea I would be bloody p*ssed off. unlesss he gave me a jolly good reason for why he didn contact me!. its just wrong to stand someone up.


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