What do men think of a woman with a kid?

Does that really bother them or does it just show bad judge of character?


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  • When men see a women with a kid they back off and take caution. It does really bother them because they really want to know what happened between the couple. what caused the so love separation. Who was the real trouble maker. And men would want to know if you are keeping any sort of contact with the previous guy. And if you are then your new man would not just trust you he want to run away. why because he would think you still have feeling for him and your just cheating on him. If a guy does date such a women he would take it really slow for his own protection.


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  • Unfortunately I've heard a few guys say that they don't want to be with a woman who has baggage. They seem to have a problem getting involved with a child who is not biologically theirs.