i cheated on my girlfriend two weeks ago, I kissed another girl. I was really drunk and it was really dumb. her mom hates me, I'm not even allowed to call her. she wants her to dump me, but for some reason, she still trusts me. we've been dating for a bit more then 7 months now, but I want to be able to go to her house again, what do I say to her mom to get her to forgive me? oh, she told me not to call or text her again, cause she told me not to.


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  • well did you tell her what happened? if you did tht means you were being honest right? so maybe she knows she'll get the truth from u...but then again I know she'll never forget it you will hear about it later on in the relationship if you guys work out...but her mom will prob neve trust you again but will get over not to much you can do there the more you try to fix it the more u'll just mess it up


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  • She doesn't trust you, trust me, she doesn't. She just doesn't want to end things yet. You can't really MAKE her mom forgive you, forgiveness is a timely process and cheating isn't something that should be taken lightly. Things take time, so either you end things with her for being a cheating scum or you show her how much you mean to her patiently.


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