First Date?!?

So tomorrow I have my first date with this really cute guy! He's sweet and funny and handsome^^ and 5 years older then me...

And I think he kinda might be out of my league... And I always get kinda nervous on dates. And I haven't dated in 1,5 years...

He's coming over here by train, and I'm picking him up and then we're going to this huge park with a bottle of wine and we're gonna lay on the grass and talk and stuff. (It's gonna be a really warm day tomorrow) And then we're gonna go and have dinner somewhere, and if all goes well we'll maybe even play some pool afterward.

And I need tips and stuff, like what to do and what not to do? Fun things and stuff like that...



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  • First of all, try and mitigate that nervousness. Remember, he WANTS to see you, he WANTED to go on this date with you; So he likes you that much, right? Probably more. So relax.

    Second, and actually carrying on from the first; He likes you for who he's seen you as, he likes you for you, so just be that person. You don't need to be bubbly or slutty or anything outside your natural personality, just be receptive and enjoy being together. You do like him don't you? So enjoy being with him, spending time with him. Be relaxed, ready to have a good time, and be YOURSELF. We don't all want to date 'that girl', we prefer someone who's real.

    As for the actual date, just let it happen. You're meeting like this to be with each other and to get to know each other better. Ask about him, his life, and be open to talk about yours; Or who knows? You might even just talk about random sh!t, whatever. The actual topic doesn't really matter, it's mostly about communicating, getting to know each other.

    Many people would say there is a whole slew of thing you're not supposed to do on a date; I think just be nice.You probably have a pretty good idea of general public courtesy, so just run with that, maybe a little less as you do like him, for jokes or whatever.

    I dunno,


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  • bring a frisbee, take a walk, something fun and interactive if you yourself...stand your grounds, just get to know one another...dont do anything too intimate where either one of you could feel awkward...avoice silent moments, keep the convo funny, make HIM laugh...a lot of the times when I'm on dates I feel I'm always trying to make the girl laugh which I love doing, but it'd be nice to have a hilarious girl blow me away with her humor lol...

    i dunno, most importantly just be yourself!

  • just be natural...listen and watch him for things you like or don't, which will be cues for a second date

    is he staying with you overnight? you have a full day of activities planned and he's coming to see you by train...something to think about since all the activities planned have alcohol involved...


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  • Play truth or dare :) but maybe take out the dare part... because that always gets a bit awkward. Make it just truth or truth. It's a great way to get to know him better, and you don't have to ask serious questions, it can be silly like, "Who do you think would win in a fight between and frog and a squirrel?" or "Do you like chillicheese dogs?" But it's also great for getting to know each other, or getting personal :) Hope that helps. Also, I like to leave the silences. People tend to not like silence and they will try to fill the silence with words. They will often say things they normally wouldn't or offer piece of information that they usually wouldn't so easily. You have to be careful when doing that though because is can get awkward if he doesn't say anything. I would also say, don't have planned activities, like after we drink the wine we'll play cards. Little 'childish' games that are spontaneous are great :) Like 'eye-spy' or 'rock-paper-siccors' and who wins gets to... whatever :)

    Have fun on your date! Sorry if you think my tips are a bit 'childish' but people tend to like reverting back to their childhood occasionally, and if he's a fun guy, it'll make him think you're fun too :) but if this is totally not your style, just ignore :) peace

  • not to do: drink too much.

  • Hey I know the situation your in! I just haven't progressed to talking about dates with my 5 year old guy yet!

    Start of asking him about him. Men always like to talk about themselves, and he may even ask about you! And when he does, make sure you don't babble for too long, he may think you like yourself too much! haha

    Make sure you don't let conversation simmer to nothing!

    Other than this, have a great time and I hope all goes well for you :)