What is the chance that old feelings will rekindle?

My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend started to work with him recently. Randomly at work she will go and have coffee in his office.

He asked me if I am OK with it. And I am. I am just scared that the old feelings will rekindle between them. I trust him and know he will not cheat. But my heart is wondering.

Maybe I am just scared, because it's the first time I have been this long in a relationship... Please give advice.


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  • There is a chance, yes. But if he can just fall in love with others, is that the kind of man you want to date? It really isn't anything against him, he can't help his feelings, but if he loves you most, he will choose you over her. I wouldn't worry about it. If he does develop feelings for her (or doesn't), and still chooses you, it will show you two can stand anything. If he has feelings for her and dumps you, then, even though it sucks, it wasn't meant to be. Then you will be that much closer to your prince charming. I wouldn't worry about it. Everything will work itself out. I wish you the best!


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  • have you ever heard of the laws of attraction? opposites do attract, especially when you put them together, and the odds go up if they know each other (i.e. ex). old feelings do rekindle if not initially, eventually.

  • if he's not a good job I would ask him to get another or to be transferred I don't think that's to much to ask.


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  • There's always a chance things could rekindle, but a lot of it depends on how you act. If you act scared, desperate, clingy, jealous, etc. the chances increase that he'll start thinking about his ex again. But if you act entirely chill and non threatened by it, even if you are, he's less likely to want her back because he'll see how cool of a girl he already has.