Finally time for dating. Advice appreciated.

I'm 21 years old and a medical student so as you could assume, I live a somewhat hectic and busy life, I haven't really had time for a girlfriend over the last several years because I've been trying to get to where I am today; my last "real" girlfriend was back in high school. finally this summer I don't have classes to take, contest to attend to, internships to do etc etc. I finally feel like I have time for me. Ill be spending the summer vacationing in a different state where the only people I know are my family and they are not my age so any social networking through them won't really be happening. so my questions are where are good places to meet people where a guy by himself won't seem like a creep or an alcoholic? what are good conversation openers for girls my age that don't involve cadavers or exams of some sort? and generally what are girls my age looking for in a guy?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  • I think if you're looking for something "real world" that would be a good environment to meet people, you should totally join an interest group or at least just go and check out an event of theirs. If you have an interest (like we'll just use Movies for instance), you would meet people who are already there for the same subject, thus, you already have a good subject to start conversations on. The link below is to a website where you can type in your interest or zip code to look for various events like this locally. What's nice is you're not necessarily "there to meet people", so the pressure is not as heavy. Hope this helps!



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  • Try a picking up a sport (baseball, volleyball) are generally great ways to meet and talk to women, and there is always plenty to talk about. "where are good places to meet people where a guy by himself won't seem like a creep or an alcoholic?" I have to ask, why don't you bring a friend along, why are you by yourself? I'm sure you got friends, bring one, they make great wingmans and give you someone to talk to so you don't seem like a creep or an alcoholic.

    • Haha I'm well I'm visitng family over here so my friends are back home. and my famly is either too old or too young to use as wingmans

    • If you aren't staying too long, its probably not a good idea to get involved with someone, know what I mean?

  • at least you have had a girlfriend before, dating/relationship experience counts for any age, just use your skills that you used to get a girlfriend back then in high school now in the present day

  • Girls don't like boys they like cars and money...try online dating, Facebook, ms is a good way to social network a relationship. Or you can just use method traditional and chat up and flirt with girls that you like and hopefully they are single or might be willing to upgrade to a better model...

    Its a jungle out their good luck...