Is this guy acting or is this guy not?

OK so here's the deal. I fall in love easily with a guy. I consider serious relationships and never hookups. So I dated Daniel in March and he broke up with me at the end of April. I should have known the guy longer before we started dating.That was my mistake. Again I fall in love easily. So he ended up meeting my family and I meet his. Then he started saying things that made me smile. This one thing he said was I'm falling in love with you. He even told me how I made him feel. Soon as April hit, we broke up because he was going to move to Oregon soon. After the breakup we decided to be friends. Everything changed. I mean he's not the same person anymore. He ignores some of my text messages. One of my really good friends Chad told me that Daniel was flirting with Carey. So when chad asked Daniel I thought you were dating Jennifer, he was shocked and told Chad not to say anything to me about it. So one week later. I see Daniel in a parking lot and I start asking him how he's doing? Then I bring up Carey and I said I didn't care that he was flirting with her and considering I am no longer with Daniel it shouldn't matter. All of the sudden he says he wasn't flirting she is like a sister to him. Its funny because I never meet her before until I hung out with chad at his house one night and she came over. She told me Daniel was annoying her and that she couldn't stand him. He kept on bugging her and hanging around. So then Daniel was telling me he was trying to add me back again on MySpace which is a lie because I logged on and did not get his friend request. He said he still wants to be my friend but I can't tell if he's acting or being honest? How can you tell when a guy is acting?


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  • She said Danial was annoying her and I would'nt let that bug me. Myspace he,s probably telling the truth, that,s happened lots of times. I can,t say if he,s acting, take it day by day but don,t bug him. If he,s not acting he will come around.

    • Well that is true. I guess I really don't understand a guys brain that much. I just wish I could read their mind. haha. I'll take your word. thanks.

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  • i would say he still wants to be your friend but the MySpace thing you probably have a lock on it my friend katie I tried to add her but I didn't know how to spell her lastname or knew her e-mail. and I think he is telling you the truth also cause a guy that meets your family and you meet his he wants to be friends the girl he is supposly flirting with are probably just great friends that's how me and my friend alyssa are we kid around and take things too far but were like sisters...dont be worried..

    • That is true. I guess I'm overreacting a bit. Well thanks for the advice.