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So I like this girl and she likes me, only she's not ready for a Boyfriend after her last relationship. I truly do like everything about her and she likes me (i'm nice to the lady). So everyone says "She likes you, but give it time" but I want to tell her how I feel. So if you were not ready for a relationship would you want to know how someone else felt about you even if you were not going to date right away? I need to tell her, is that weird?


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  • No, it isn't weird. Why don't you tell her, yet make sure to say that there is no pressure on her to be with you. That you understand that she needs time, but just had to let her know how you feel. That might even get her thinking more about dating again sooner then she would have. Good luck!

  • No, it's not weird. You're just going to make yourself miserable. Just give her sometime. Take her out, give her small signs that you like her. And whenever you decide is the right moment, you'll tell her how you feel. But you'll know when it's the right time.


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