I just want him to get to the point!

I've had a "thing" with this guy I really really like for a really long time now, since around January. Everything goes good for the most part.. a few days ago his ex girlfriend(that he dated for 4 years, and I'm also friends with her) she told me that he's been talking to a couple other girls. he's really flirty with girls in general. I'm afraid that he might like one of them or something.. I know one of the girls and she's kind of a slut. and yes I've tried talking to him about it, only through texting, although I need to talk to him about it in person because it'd be better, but he's always working. also, he doesn't always respond to my texts, does that mean something? I'll see him in a few days, but I just need some thoughts on this whole thing.. and he needs to ask me out soon or else I'm gonna just forget about him! its been 6 months, and that's such a long time lol... he's so confusing and I just need some advice because I really like him:S


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  • Beat the other girls to the punch then and ask HIM out...if he ends up with one of those other girls, you can only blame yourself.


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  • Hmm well that is tricky, but like all my friends tell me "if he's worth it, then he's worth asking out" so I know its scary and its supposed to be the other way around. But maybe he's just not getting the hint and maybe its just a fling to him. So what's the worth that can happen "no"? Yeah don't worry just take a deep breath and show him that those other girls ain't worth his time, I hope this helps :)