To call, or not to call? That is the question.

Alright. There's this woman I met about 2 months ago @ a bar. I asked her out for coffee & she said yes (as friends) & put her number in my phone. I have been trying to organize a coffee with her lately. She has always returned most of my calls (usually via text) & I have spoken to her briefly on the phone. We had intended to do coffee one past weekend & I text her to confirm late in the week & she stated she'd double booked for that weekend :S. Which is cool, these things happen, & yes, I'm aware that she just might not be interested anymore. However, I made the mistake of texting her back rather quickly with a somewhat sarcastic light hearted message like "oh, good one xyz, haha. What about next week?" She didn't reply. It wasn't the best decision on my part. Anyways, it's now been about four weeks & I'm planning on getting in touch with her within the next 6-7 hours to see if I can catch up with her for a coffee. Question is : Would it be more appropriate to send her a text or give her a call, considering she replied to my voice mail via text. I've got the balls to call, so that's not an issue. Thoughts ? She's pretty damn flawless & I think she may be playing hard to get.


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  • It's been four weeks... personally I wouldn't call that playing hard to get, I would call that lack of interest on her part. If you've got the balls then by all means give her a call, but I think you'd probably be wasting your time.

  • don't bother. there are millions of fish in the sea... this isn't one of them.