What does it mean when he says neither of us is ready to date?

He says I have a great personality, says he loves hanging out with me, but says neither one of us is ready for a relationship.

to explain a little better, he is antisocial. only talks to his friends, pretty much hates the rest of humanity, but he talks to me about a lot of things, even admitted something he felt about his own family to me that I was shocked to be privy to.

i know for a fact that he cares about me and we flirt constantly, he is not flirtatious with anyone but me, he is always teasing me or grinning when he frustrates me and I'm thinking maybe he just isn't ready to grow up and take that step, any ideas?


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  • There are a couple things that I think it could mean. first is that maybe he doesn't want a relationship with you. second, maybe he does, but he doesn't really know if he's ready. third, he might actually have a grip on things and know that neither one of you is read for a relationship. two options. either it's a cover for something, or he's being genuine. men have two modes of communication (generally): 1) meaning what we say, 2) repressing what we think.


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  • This would be synonymous to "It's not about you, it's me". He doesn't want a relationship with you.

    But you don't really describe or state how this statement came about so can't really say more.


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  • Definitely means he still wants to play the field!

    Don't know enough about you to be able to answer, but if you are very flirty etc he might get the feeling you are not very sincere about committing to him alone. Just very hard to tell

  • well He's not ready for a relationship/. usually when a guy says that, he likes someone else. but I would recommend looking for someone who knows they're ready and know what they want. =]