Can any of you girls work this one out?

OK to start out I was with this wonder full girl for 2 and a half years...did everything together etc... loved each on well with both family's. I'd go to football with her bro and dad etc.. she broke it off with me to 'have some fun' got into a rebound as she put it...and is still dating the guy 10months on, however she says he treats her good and bad ...why not dump him...she is clearly missing me or something if she keeps on at me? she always texts me and friend requests me on Facebook in which I ignore and delete as I'm getting over her. its been 10 months since it happened. last night my ex's best mate text me saying hey sorry to bother you kat my ex wants to know if you still have the scrap book you both made together why would she want to 'know if I still have it' or if so why would she want ti?...i haven't replied...what is this about? thanks


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  • First things first, she wouldn't have broken it off to have fun unless she didn't want to be in the relationship and wanted to see other people, otherwise if she wanted to have fun she could still have stayed with you and just had fun with the girls like most people do. Unfortunately girls have this tendency to go back to their ex's as a soft place to fall, I think she may also like knowing ur still there so by adding you on Facebook and contacting u, that's her way of trying to keep you there. I think ur doing the right thing by ignoring her contact attempts, because ultimately talking to her is only going to make ur moving on longer and harder, and clearly she left in the 1st place and found someone else, she had reasons for that, and months or even years won't change the problems she felt for ur relationship that caused her to call off what sounds like a good relationship. I think just ignore it and try to move on... the contact could just be her back up plan and also out of habit, like you might be her shoulder to cry on if things go pear shaped... And that's not fair...


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  • I'm sure the time you spent with her WAS really great, but I'm thinking that you're both quite young..? If so, I think I can answer your question pretty well, because I was sort of in the same situation (me, being the girl)

    It's the "grass is greener" complex - 2 1/2 years is a considerable amount of time (even if it was absolutely amazing). Sometimes we feel like we owe it to ourselves to sample everything that life has to offer, including other fellows (hey, don't blame us - blame Sex & The City).

    And, some of the time (maybe A LOT of the time) the grass just ain't greener!

    I think (and keep in mind, this is just my suggestion) what would be best for you to get over the whole thing, is to feel a bit sorry for her rather than hold any bitter feelings about it. She obviously abandoned something that was pretty great, for something that wasn't so wonderful. Perhaps don't be childish and stop ignoring her Facebook friend requests (side note: Facebook is ruining modern relationships!), but also explain to her that you just don't think it would be in your best interests to have any sort of romantic relationship again. At least while the wound is still open.

    Good luck!

  • She is Probally wondering I you still care! I I were you I would just ignore it and do what you have been doing you sound like a really great guy if I were you I would just forget about it me and my Boyfriend just broke up! We but total different story!

  • she totally regrets leaving you! screw her!


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