He contacted me. Should I contact him now?

OK, we're on a break-I instigated it because I thought our relationship was on the verge of ending and thought time out would help us get our heads sorted, and I have exams. We've not talked for almost 4 weeks- except for one time VERY early on in the break where I missed him horribly and texted him, otherwise I felt like I would go insane. This break has made me want more than ever to work on things, so before anyone just says move on, please don't. I've already considered it and I feel we have too much to get from this relationship and I want to try- he may not feel the same way.

Anyway, last night (scratch that this morning at 3:25) he texted me, saying 'I doubt you're awake, but I just wanted to make sure you're ok and your exams are going alright. Hope to speak to you soon. X' Now- we're still on a break until my final exam on Wednesday- is there any benefit to texting him/calling him back now? Will waiting until Wednesday upset the balance? I don't really know what to do with that. Mainly because part of my head is going, that's just a friendly text, he still doesn't want me back. but the other part is like, he texted you, out of the blue, at 3:25. That's not just a friendly text.

Any Advice?



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  • It's not a friendly text! Not when he's up at 3:25 in the morning and your on his mind. Think about it, he was thinking of you and out of the blue texted you! He misses you girl! And if you don't want to move on and want to try things out again, why not just go for it. Text him back and answer what asked you. And tell him that exams are almost over, that after exams if he wants to join you and hang out...like a celebration to the exams being finished! That's a start..then go from there!

    Good luck!


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  • Well in situations I've had similar experiences in I would spontaneous text at random hours saying sweet things like that to see what the reaction of the girl would be. If she texted back right away I would in my head still think "i got her" where as if it took her time to text back I'd feel like I had to put in work to get it back. But yea by no means is a random text at 3:25 in the morning just a firendly text he may have been up late just thinking about you or thinking about thier lives.

  • Good to mess with this guy's head and emotions. And you women why there are no good guys left? It's because you turn all of us into assholes with your behavior.

    • Umm, he was the one who wanted to break up with me- he's been messing with me for months, I wasn't nor am I trying to mess with his head- I just want to be with him and he mentioned going on a break before. Just saying, you don't really know enough about our relationship to say that I am messing with him,

    • You posted the question and I gave a response.

  • Yeah, leave him and ignore him for awhile. That's is what you women do best. Your a dumbass. Please don't post anymore questions.


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  • I would have texted him back at 3:26. Of course that's no friendly text no one would ever text some1 at that time for that?

    I would text him right now. He still has feelings for you. & you do to.

    I think you should have at least get his side of the story & see what he that about the relationship before you did that.

    I don't really believe of the exams part.( just don't talk 2 him that much during the period)

    just being honest. Good luck

  • Yes, RIGHT NOW.