Over analyzing?

Does anyone else ever over analyze a text or an email? I feel like sometimes we over think things people may say to us...

What do you think?


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  • people usually SAY a lot less than they mean. ( that is not even counting the ones who do that INTENTIONALLY...verbal communication is like 30 % & a text or email is next ti impossible to understand because there are no inflections or body language to go with the words..

    i had a guy ignore me for a year because he thought I was being sarcastic when I told him in response that I did like him & I did not want to end things & if he wants he should get in touch.

    i don't generally think people over analyze ..analysis is an extremely important skill and tool, & when you are doing research its like almost all you do..

    i think most often what people call over analyzing is jut worrying a lot & being neurotic.

    send us the text we could de- code it for you :)


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  • sometimes I do,

  • We all do at times over lots of different stuff. It's an area I need to improve in.


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  • Yup, we over analyze certain things. I tend to do so when it comes to someone I may like.. I try to decipher what they say to me -__-".. But I have improve overall, so I don't over think as much..

    I think it's because we become cynical and think they may be up to something.