Would you date a girl that's a creep magnet?

would the fact that she gets stupid words and looks from other guys put you off?

I'm not talking about "every now and then" I mean EVERYWHERE she goes, she gets that: art museums,work, park, grocery store, mall, concerts, street, on the subway and so on...

2) if you were already dating her and she still gets those reactions from other guys, would you get angry? would it be annoying, exhausting? or would you even mind?

3) could it be a deal breaker?


yea, I know she gets dates. but would you consider getting serious with her?


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  • To answer your first question, it would depend why she's such a "creep magnet"...

    If she has a certain attitude about guys that attracts creeps, that could be an issue. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that she attracts creeps, just her attitude about guys.

    Similarly if she's the kind of girl who is paranoid and thinks all guys are creeps, that would also be an issue for me.

    But if she's just a normal girl to me, who happens to attract creeps, then there's no issue.

    As for what I would do when I'm dating her, obviously I wouldn't like it, just as I presume she would not. It wouldn't stop me from dating her or be a deal breaker, although I would try to help her by trying to figure out what is causing all these creeps to be attracted to her, and try to undo that.

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      Awesome answer!

      but what kind of attitude are you talking about?

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      Hmmm makes sense.

      what were your ex gfs like? I'm starting to wonder if its my attitude that causes all this trouble....

      and damn you should be a psychologitst! lol

      i'm still trying to figure out if I'm attracting them because some small part of me likes them :-/

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      My ex's...hmm...well, the most common denominator would be "strongly independent". A lot were introverted and harder to get to know, although some were friendly and outgoing...though usually more "intellectual outgoing" than "life-of-the-party outgoing". That's probably just what goes with my personality though.