How do you flirt with a girl you like via text message?

Please, help. This girl I like, loves to text, but I'm not sure of how to flirt via texting.

The other part I'm scared about is I want some assurance that what I send isn't going to blow it for me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Arics has got it pretty spot on. Tease her a little, try and make her laugh or at least smile. Most importantly don't leave her waiting too long for a reponse. That's the one thing that drives us crazy and not in a good way. Be engaging in convo, use ;-). The wink is one of the obvious flirting signs, be playful. Remember stuff she says, if she tells you she's doing something ask her bout it after at least then she'll know you were paying attention


What Guys Said 1

  • Be a little cocky, yet funny. Judge the situation so that you don't get out of line and say something that will creep her out. It takes practice.

    Also don't respond right away. Make her wait a few minutes at least.