If a girl thinks you're just hanging out as friends, should you tell her to pay for herself when hanging out?

Basically this girl I've asked out a few times just sees us as friends for now, I know cause I asked her. we've gone out like 2x nothing big but I paid those times, I had to ask her cause I had a feeling she's a little slow at deciding if she wants a relationship type deal or not. she just said she thinks of us as friends, but that we never know what can happen later... whatever the eff that means. she still wants to hang out, not sure if its because she just wants to be friends still or if she needs more time to get to know me before she decides she likes me more than a friend. but anyways now that she's said she thinks we're just friends for now, when we do hang out, should I just pay for myself and step back and tell her I'm not paying anymore or would that just destroy any chance I had maybe if she still needs more time to decide. cause the first 2 "dates" she just steps back and expects me to pay but if I know its not a date, I'd rather not lol.


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What Girls Said 1

  • The first two times you paid was ENOUGH !

    I'm a firm believer that we all know right away how much of ourselves we're willing to share with some . . . So I'm not buying the whole "we're fiends for now " act. If you want to take turns switching off ( you pay some & vice versa) feel free , but anything else and CONSIDER yourself being used. If she wants the "perks" that come along with dating she needs to step up otherwise she's just a waste of time.


What Guys Said 1

  • If she says that" we never know what can happen later" line, it means she is using you. You're paying for everything and she pays for nothing. If she loses you as a friend, then she loses her free stuff. She's stringing you along. I'd say if you want to just be friends, why pay for her stuff? If you're hoping that she'll change her mind and be with you once she gets to know you, I'd say you are mistaking. On average, most women will decide the first 30 seconds whether or not she is going to f*** a guy. So, stop paying for her!