What a douche bag... right?

A guy that I was seeing has been ignoring my calls and texts for almost a week, and we normally talk everyday. We were also supposed to hang out one night but he never called like he said he would. I just found out through a friend that he's been seeing his ex girlfriend that he told me that he would NEVER date again because she cheated on him...

I'm so frustrated, p*ssed off and sad about this...

why would he do this? I don't understand him, why can't he at least have the balls to tell me that he doesn't want to see me anymore? we have been seeing each other for a few months too and he always told me how much he liked me and stuff..

give me your thoughts... thanks!


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  • Maybe he wants to hookup with her for only a few times. Or, maybe he can't choose between the two of you and he wants to spend time with her so he knows which one of you to be with.

    • But why would he ignore me?

    • He's probably ignoring because he doesn't know what to tell you yet. Or maybe he's thinking of letting you down gently. Maybe you should go to his house and demand an answer. Remember that most guys in their teens are immature so expect them to p*ss you off a lot.


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  • because you're part of his fun moments, and you were his distraction to the grief of a lost love and cheating...That's tough but that's life. He's a jerk, a lot of guys are ( not all of them). learn from that and move on

  • im going through somethin similar except the whole Ex Girlfriend thing I think anyway you really need to let him go guy's are ahole's for that I agree with "Cathrine"

  • it's called "rebound!"