What should I text her?

I have been talking to this girl for two weeks. I got her number, sent her flowers, told her I liked her, now I want to text her as she has just finished school and is out for the summer

Texting "hey this is so-and-so...happy summer!" seems kinda bland although I may have to go with it...i was wondering, is it alright to call her beautiful in the msg if I have already told her I think she's beautiful?


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  • Don't tell her she's beautiful over text, it weakens the words when you say it in person. Ask her if she's seen any good movies, then maybe she will mention a movie she wants to see that you can take her to see,

    I only tell one girl that she is beautiful over text and she is my best friend. I tell my girlfriend in person. I will tell my best friend that she is beautiful in person too, but her and I have a very big connection and we understand exactly what each other means when we are texting.

    • Thank you..that makes sense


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  • Give her a ring on the phone. No text. And make plans to hang out. its really quite simple.

  • Man up and call her if you really like her.

    • That was my intent...however, she is uncomfortable talking over the phone

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  • I would come at it from a different angle. If you’re going to text send her something which is going to catch her eye and make her take a step back, something funny to make her laugh.

    See the link below, there are lots of funny examples of messages you can send. Depending on how well you know this girl of course.



  • You Could Try Being Friendly And Then It Might Lead To A Proper Conversation. Then You Could Tell Her What You Think About Her Then She Might Think The Same About You (:.

    • Appreciate the answer, but she already knows how I feel...we have been talking regularly for 2 weeks...i don't know how she feels...i understand that the first text usually is the first contact but that is not the case here...thank you tho