Just A Word of Advice To All Girls?

Try the 'nice guy' out for a change, while you still can. When the time comes that you realize you want a serious relationship and a 'partner', you will probably decide you want a 'nice guy', as they are usually the 'relationship type'. However, at this point, you may experience great difficulty attaining a 'nice guy' because they are no longer very nice. They become bitter, and don't want to deal with woman, especially 'hot' ones, who back in college wouldn't sleep with them. So instead of wasting your time with the players, use good judgment and think ahead and of what you could be missing.

Just wanted to throw that out there.


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  • The thing is...a lot of guys pretend to be "nice" even if they aren't. Just because a guy is less attractive and on the quiet side, doesn't mean he is a nice guy. Some of these guys are bitter and misogynistic. You can't just say because you don't get a lot of girls that makes you a nice guy. it just means that you don't have much game or aren't attractive to most girls for whatever reason.

    Honestly it doesn't sound like the guys you're talking about are very nice guys. like he couldn't get laid in college so now he's a bitter asshole who hates women. so what about him is nice? just because a guy is passive and nerdy doesn't mean he's a nice guy. it just means that he probably HAS to be nice...if you become hateful and mean because you couldn't get sex how does that make you any different then the players and jerks out there? that's right it doesnt.

    there are actually plenty of girls out there who don't get a lot of attention from guys and who get overlooked a lot so why don't "nice guys" go for girls like that? oh that's right because they are probably less attractive then the hot girls that you fantasize about. that is hypocritical in itself because the "nice guys" are standing by waiting on the hot girls and getting mad at them for being shallow and going after the "jerks" but those same guys don't go after the "nice girls" for the very same reasons..

    attraction is a big part in who you choose to date. that's why nice guys dream about hot girls and not nice girls. so instead of acting like girls should just ignore physical attraction and go for the less appealing nice guys, why not become more masculine and confident and then you will be more attractive to girls? the problem with nice guys is that they are typically desperate for approval, people pleasing, passive and weak. that's not really attractive to most girls. we are hardwired to go for a guy that is strong physically and mentally. so if you're not that way try to get like that instead of being bitter and trying to "convince" girls to be "logical" (lol) and ignore who they're attracted to and settle for less. because I don't see too many nice guys going for girls who are more like them

    • Everything except for the last paragraph is what I was thinking. A guy that is bitter because "the hot girls in college wouldn't sleep with him" ..... he sounds like an ass that just wanted sex - NOT NICE AT ALL. Anyhow... I have always wanted a nice guy, but I have been duped like 5 times really badly. Every guy I THOUGHT was nice ended up just lying and/or cheating on me at some point. I HOPE I am right about the guy I'm with now. I believe he's different because he's been a lot more open w-me. :)


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  • I know a nice guy. He knows a lot about me and he's 9 years older. He's a genius, etc etc.




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  • Wow, bitter much? You must not get it. Girls don't choose who they date based on who's the nicest. It would be a great world if they did but that's not the case. Instead they choose their partner based on this crazy thing called attraction.

  • 'nice' try but its pretty hard to convince women logically of what to go for. I was a 'nice guy' too but now I was enlightened and I'm far better off, not being a nice guys is the bomb you get laid whenever you want, you don't have to play games with girls and I can't remember the last time I paid for food or bought something for a girls birthday (Iv been showered with dinners, massages, and a 200 dollar watch)

    quite being a nice guy and come over the fence bro, its sunny over here and there is plenty of p**** to go