Dating in the Workplace, opinions?

I work at a chain restaurant, I won't say which one but there are many good looking girls there, the only downside is that they're all smokers and that's one of the few things that I can't stand. It did get me thinking though, what are everyone's opinions on dating in the workplace? Avoid or engage?


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  • Avoid, avoid avoid!

    Oh man, that's such a bad idea.

    I dated this girl who worked at the same place as me. However, she worked in a completely different department, and at a completely different time.

    After people figured it out, which was really quick for some reason (turned out she went around telling everyone) that one of the senior guys in my department had gone out with her and fooled around with her. I guess he thought he was still going to keep that going as a every once in awhile thing, cause he got really mad.

    He was one of my biggest supporters at first, but over time he stopped talking to me, he didn't want to back me up at work. And then he tried getting me fired by reporting an event incorrectly.

    Lucky for me there were people from some of the other departments that witnessed it, and reported it as it happened. In the end I left for another department, having broke things off with the girl for issues that were unrelated, and because of his report, he was brought shame on himself and ended up having to leave for another department too, giving up seniority, and rank, and ruining his reputation.

    The girl always talked to others about how good I was, which seemed flattering at the time, but now that I've wisen up, I realize it's better not to have my personal business spread to the wind. Especially in that work, you don't need people knowing your business.


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  • At a job like that? I think it's basically mandatory. Relationships are usually the only benefits you get in the food industry.

  • I often ask myself the same question. It could become a bad situation if things didn't work out, but it is not like you would be working with them forever. Plus, I think that the easiest way to meet people and "really" get to know them once out of school is probably in the workplace. I have a crush on one of my co-workers and we have become really close over the last few months, but then what? If the two people are mature enough to handle being in a relationship, then they should be mature enough to handle the pros and cons of dating a co-worker.


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  • I generally avoid it. If things go wrong, I still have to see her everyday and it causes a lot of problems, including to the rest of the staff. Two of my staff dated and although they were both professional about it, it still caused quiet a problem in my department and I had to deal with it telling them if this is causing a problem in my team, I will have to remove both of them from it.

    If she doesn't work in the same floor or part of the building and I won't have to deal with her directly due to work related issues and she is really worth it, then yes I would go for it.

    In the work environment you describe however, I would say yes go for it! My first girlfriend was a colleague at Burger King :)