Will I ever stop dating?

I been dating for ever now. And i;m sick of the same thing all the time, guys who don't really want to go anywhere and actually date. Its like I always date more than one guy cause I know that something is gonna happen with one of them so I have the other for back up and I always use the back up. My dating on avg lasts 2 weeks or less per guy, no sex, use to years ago too soon but now I'm going it the right way but it don't seem to matter. I'm so used to dating and it never going no where that I expect that all the time like I know that it will be another guy next week or so and its kind of sad but the reality of my life. I'm beautiful, I know I carry great convo, guys always want to see me after the first date so they are usually interested but something always happens to where it ends. Most of the time I feel like I end it because I'm impatient. Sometimes I think this is as good as it gets for me when all I want is a bf, one guy that I can be with. I'm so tired of starting over and putting so much effort in convo that it is all for nothing which it feels like each time.


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  • well it's not as hard for you, a girl has more options because you girls get to do the choosing


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  • If something isn't working for you, try something else. Look back to your prior short relationships, and write down the sequence of events for each guy, all the way up to the point at which the two of you go your separate ways. Then, examine what you wrote down, and you might see a pattern that you can break, which will help you succeed with the next guy.