First sign of jealousy?

We've been dating for like 9 months and I noticed that he got jealous of what my male friend told me...I'm not quiet sure if he's jealous or he's just mad at me for it. He hasn't talk to me and its been 2 days..I tried talking to him, apologizing to him..he's not picking up his phone..My friend said to leave him alone, but I just don't understand..when we had problems we usually fix it that very same day..i don't know why this one is so different? Then my friend said "well at least he cares, right?"...Really? if he cares, wouldn't he find the time to maybe work this thing out with me instead of leaving me hanging and not respond to me?

What do you think? and what should I do to handle this better? I've never seen him this p***ed off at me and I tried everything..including giving him some space..I'm just upset he's not talking to me and at least let me know why..


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  • give him time he will come to you eventually, the silent treatment will end...


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  • u need to tell us what your friend said or else we can't understand the problem

    • "i love you, ur the best..."

    • Well then have to stop being friends with him. he has every right to not talk to you because if you stay friends with the guy that tells him something may happen.

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  • first of all what did ur friend say?