He keeps kissing me, what should I do? Were both shy?

I'm a pretty outgoing person and so is he but when it comes to guys I'm extremely shy. I have a crush on this guy that within my circle of friends we have only started hanging a lot these past few months. At a party once I was saying by and he kissed me on the lips. I thought nothing of it because alcohol was involved. But at another party he did it again but yet again alcohol was involved. I invited him to the movies one day and had a great time with him and he recently accomplished something big and I got him a little gift to congratulate him and I went to drop it over at his house. He said thanks and again kissed me on the lips and when I said bye he hugged me and kissed me on the lips again. He hasn't flat out said I'm interested or I like you (because he's shy) and neither have I (because I'm shy) so I don't know if he's just being friendly or if he likes me I'm so confused. sad part is were bother over the age of 25 :( We are going out again next week. I just don't know how to handle this situation. Any Advise?


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  • A little uncertainty may be fun for a while, but eventually you need to know where you stand. Observe how he reacts with other girls. Does he kiss other close friends who are girls on the lips, or only you? If it's only you, he obviously views you as different then the others, which probably means he's interested.

    It's a little funny to me that he's too shy to tell you he's interested, but he's plenty bold enough to kiss you on the lips four times with no problems, twice with no alcohol involved. Also, if he's truly interested, this kissing shouldn't be the only thing that has changed. Take note of his body language, extended eye contact, increase in communication, or increased compliments. If it still isn't clear to you, you may have to overcome your shyness and address the issue, since he hasn't been able too. Doesn't have to be awkward. You could say something to the likes of 'I'm glad we're hanging out more, I like being around you. But, I'm a little confused about how you feel about me. What's running through that head of yours'?

    Hope this helps. Good luck!


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  • My advice is this... He is kissing you. He is spending time with you. Obviously, he is interested enough to continue seeing you. However, don't create a situation where he is allowed to get to comfortable. If he knows you are always available, and there to award his accomplishments with gifts you will end up suffering. People tend to put more value in that which is worked for and earned. So don't lose heart! He wouldn't be kissing you if he weren't interested, but you want him to REALLY like you, so just don't let him get too comfortable : )

  • it sounds like to me your leading yourself into a friends with benefits situation.. I think you just have to be forward in this situation and ask him what's up between you to..