She rejected me, so how do I act around her?

Well, it's been months since I last saw her, but now I'm afraid that when I start seeing her every day again, I'm going to have feelings for her, especially if she starts going out with other guys in my class. I think she still wants to be friends, judging from the text she sent me recently---more specifically, she wants me to be a guy she hangs out with until someone "better" comes along. I obviously don't want to be in that position. I want to just forget her. But its' easier said than done because, like I said, when I see her, I'll have residual feelings, especially if she starts going out with someone else. It's torturing me. Can someone tell me how to act around her and how to control this? I haven't seen her in half a year, but now I'm going to see her every day and she texted me a week ago when she found this out.

I think I have to completely forget about her and not worry about her perception of me because I have to protect myself first.


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  • Thats really rude to say. Just forget about her. Obviously she's not happy on what she had. She really chose the wrong words to say to you. It hurts a lot that she actually said that. Honestly start going for other girls. If she hangs around you have no interest in her talk to other girls. Give them more attention and maybe she will get the point that she blew her chance already. Move on it will help. Really just find someone better. Normally girls like that just to appriciate what they get. And I'm telling you there is a lot of girls who are miserable for the best that they have. Go for someone else



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  • Best thing to do is to not act any differently around her at all. Say hello to her. Talk to her. Pretend like her rejection didn't bother you (even if it had). You never know... she may change her mind in the near future and you acting mature about this situation may prove to be beneficial. And, even if she doesn't change her mind... at least you know that you handled things properly, and with dignity and maturity.

    Hope This Helps.



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  • It seems you want to completely distance yourself from her. Politely decline her offer of being friends, and try your best to forget her. Best way? Get a new girlfriend.