Is this a bad sign?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 2 months and he told me he no longer cares what I do (like he doesn't care if I hang out with guys anymore or go out place) but he tells me he still loves and care for me.


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  • Hmmm.. that's a tricky question.. Lets think, it could be a good thing, he could just trust you a lot more then he did, by saying he doesn't care if you go and hang with guys. Trust is a big thing in relationships. You could take it as a good thing. The bad thing is, he could of said it cause he doesn't care what you do, cause either way he wouldn't get hurt cause it wouldn't bother him... if that makes since? But I think he means it in a trusting way. Is he acting weird towards you? Is he still the same? I hope I helped at least a little

  • your boyfriend is an idiot remember :D