Should I kiss him first?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now. The thing is, he hasn't kissed me yet. He leans in very close to me, bring his face closer to mine so much so that we breathe in each others air but he doesn't go for the kill. Mind you, this would be my first kiss. He is not a shy guy, no, not at all, and has had many girlfriends. He has confessed to me that he loves me and that I'm the first girl he has ever loved. My question is: should I be the one to initiate the kiss?

I'm going over to his house next week. He asked me if I want to meet his brother or for us to be alone and if I do want him there, then I should bring a girl pal with me to make sure that his brother won't be the third wheel. Hope he kisses me regardless.


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  • I think that he is really nervous about it since he loves you and he is afraid that if he makes a move too fast, he could freak you out and strain the relationship. I think that you should somehow bring up that he won't freak you out on something like a kiss. If he is nervous, it should somewhat assuage his fears. I think that you should let him give the kiss, but certainly make sure that he knows that you are up for it (not right before the kiss, but you get the idea (unless it works out that way) Hope I was of some help and good luck

    • Thanks, and maybe I should give him a little encouragement, let him know that I actually want him to kiss me.


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  • Just give him some encouragement, look him in the eyes, lean in closer, just touch his lips with yours... I mean you can just kiss him but this is more fun.


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  • i think you should totaly go 4 it and don't worry my first kiss was really scary! but its worth it <<3

  • Guys prefer when girls take the lead...HELLO he basically through himself at u