Ladies and Gents - Is interracial dating right or wrong?

Main question above, also would like to know if you have dated outside your "race", what is your preference ladies and gents.


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  • interratial dating is a good thing!

    i'm half korean and half white and I turned out good!


    i've dated all types of guys but I don't think that I prefer any certain race..

    there's always going to be the good and bad out of any race


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  • It may sound dorky...but it's not really about right or wrong it's about who you love no matter where they come from or what their race is.

  • To me color, and race doesn't matter.

    A hawt guy is a hawt guy.

    • Is a hawt guy is a hawt guy is a hawt guy is a hawt guy is a hawt guy........i can go on and on!:D

  • You love who you love. Race, age, gender, religion, none of that matters if they make you happy.

    • Erm I know what you mean but age does matter, e.g a adult dating a minor. (pedophilia)

    • It was aimed more toward age differences like 5+ years that people are always concerned about. Not minors and adults.

    • Yh I know what you meant in a sense just wanted to clarify. Great answer though!

  • i'm white and I've only dated white guys except for one hispanic guy. I don't think it really matters. but there's certain races I'm just not sexually attracted to.

  • growing up in a cultured home, I was taught to date only of my own kind, but I eventually learned that I was never attracted to my own kind and gave other kinds a try, and I've never been happier. I don't think it matters what your skin color religion culture or whatever is, as long as you're attracted to each other, have much in common, click with each other, and make each other happy. Were all one human species at the end of the day.