Choosing between my friend and my ex..?

Ok, well I went out with this guy named Kyle for like 2 years but we broke up. And we are still friends and we talk on the fone, but we go to different schools. He would never cheat on me, I just know. Well, there is this other guy that goes to my school and his name is Dylan. He is HILARIOUS. He practically tells me everything about his love life and how he's feeling. He tells me what he does on the weekend and just that kind of thing.

I really like Dylan, but I'm not sure if I like Kyle. I know Kyle still likes me and he asked me out and I told him I will think about it. But, I'm not sure If Dylan likes me. He is really sweet, and he doesn't treat me like some girl he treats me like his bestfriend. What should I do? Is this relationship only meant to be a friendship, because I don't want to end up not talking to him, because he is the only one I can talk to about my problems. The only guy friend I have.I need help lol don't have too much to say about Kyle lmao!

Truly I don't care.but I have to admit I do like him sometimes.[KEYWORD] sometimes! lmao ok well any advice?


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  • I think your feelings for Kyle are fading and you're beginning to develop new feelings for Dylan. Not to mention, since you and Kyle go to different schools, it's kind of like having a long-distance relationship - you guys don't see as much of each other. Sometimes, that's the way things go, but it could also be an indication that it's time to move on from Kyle. If you don't have feelings for him and you don't see him that much, of course you're going to have much more feeling towards someone who is right there in front of you - Dylan. So, maybe it's time to move on and leave Kyle in the past, if you want to that is. You guys can always remain friends if you want to in the future. It's pretty evident, however, that you don't have a romantic feeling for Kyle anymore but are feeling it with Dylan. Hope that helps! :)


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  • Well it looks like Dylan just wants to be friends with you. I've always found I can talk just about everything to a female friend and I think it works the other way too. The only time I can start talking to a girl about everything is when we get serious and ultimately end up being best friends. After all the person you are with should be your best friend right?

    So the best strategy for you would be to just keep Dylan as your friend, be open minded about him. The road to male female friendship is paved with land mines. One of you risk of falling in love while the other does not feel the same way. But it is very very rewarding.

    Keep Dylan as a friend, date Kyle. Watch how Dylan reacts and see if he gets jealous. If he does then obviously he wants more out of you in which case you'll have to re-evaluate how you want things to go.

  • We'll You usually can't really on guys that joke around to much because you can never take them seriously. I suggest that you should go with your ex because you guys have known each other a lot and your both very comfortable with each other.

    Besides if you broke up with Dylan it will kind of ruin your friendship.


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  • okay well I have heard that if you have gone out with them once things don't usually change the second time and they will be the same from the first time and like that Dylan kiddd it would never hurt just to try and give him a chance tell him how you feel and you never know he could have the same feelings as you. but you will never know until you try!