Do Men Really Want The Damsel In Distress?

I'm a pretty balanced and self-sufficient chick. I don't go through intense emotional battles, unless a situation deems appropriate (death in the family, etc.). If I'm upset, I shut myself away for a few hours and figure out my thoughts, possible solutions to cure my problem(s), etc. I've never... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Do you want a guy who wants to FIX YOU? You are on the right track when you insist on solving your OWN problems.. That shows you are a strong, independent, person with very high self esteem. If a guy wants to be your Knight In Shining Armor -- that's a hangup HE has.. He needs to feel superior.. Don't give a guy that kind of power. If you have a problem and you want to share it - so that you can BOTH reacha solution based on give/take - that's different. Do not ever think it's ok for some guy to take responsibility for you.. And do NOT - and I repeat.. DO NOT change yourself to make some guy happy. YOU will be happiest with a guy who respects you and knows you can solve your OWN problems. When a girl has so many issues that she expects a guy to solve for her - she becomes a burden. And he wants to get away. Don't be that girl. Guys who have to save you are insecure. Period. Good luck.. YOU will do FINE -- You were raised right and taught that YOU are valuable - intelligent - beautiful - and

    CAPABLE.! That is the mark of a winner that ANY HEALTHY guy would want to be around. Would you want to have to fix some GUY? Hmmm. See what I mean?