Should I still talk to him?

Sorry it a little long but I really need the advice I like him, but he's got a girlfriend :/

We've texted for half a year now off and on, I've been wanting to hang out he says yes one time he didn't show the other he said he had work. I thought we were "talking" but I guess not. I looked on his fb page and it said he had a girlfriend. and I asked him if he still wants to talk to me he says yes but he doesn't at all. And I can't be friends with someone who only texts me and doesn't hang out... so what do you guys all think? should I still talk to him or not?


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  • It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants either. Or, he could just not care much. The thing that scares me is that you were going to hang out, but he didn't show. It sounds like he just likes the attention. And you're right, even just being friends with someone who doesn't give you the time of day isn't fair. It hurts, but you shouldn't do that to yourself. On the other hand, it could also be that the girlfriend knows, and doesn't want him spending time with other girls. Either way, it doesn't look to bright. Sorry dear. If him and his girlfriend break up, maybe it would be worth it to try again.


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  • I was in a similar situation where a girl would always say yes, then never show up. She always laughed with me and seemed interested. Whether or not he likes you is irrelevant. He has a girlfriend so that's probably the reason. Either that or he's crazy and it could be a bit of both. In the end it's important to realize that he doesn't treat you as a friend and even though he may be interested, people like this don't deserve respect. I learned this the hard way after 5-6 months of chasing the girl I liked. You can try to let him know you'd like to be friends, if you really want to, but if he's not apologizing/going out of his way to treat you right, then he can suck it.


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  • Dont talk to him sweetie! He is not interested. He does have a girlfriend and even though he says he wants to meet up with and still talk to you his actions are speaking louder than words.