How do girls choose who they will date and who they won't?

This bugs me. What makes girls want to date a guy and what makes girls not want to date a guy?


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  • Well, it really depends.

    If a random guy walked up to me and asked me out, I would consider:

    His conversation skills -- don't use a pick up line with me. actually have a short conversation with me that is going to leave me wanting to get to know you more

    His appearance -- if I don't know anything about you, your appearance is really going to matter. I don't go for the super hot guys and I don't go for the ugly guys. So, no extremes on the spectrum. Somewhere in the middle is fine

    My mood -- already thing that decides whatever I will agree to a date or not is if I'm in a good mood that day. I know this sounds stupid, but if I'm having a bad day and you approach me, I'm going to walk away. Nothing personal, it's not you, it's me

    A friend/someone that I've known for a while:

    This is trickier because I know so much about this person that they're familiar to me, almost like family. To get me to go out with a friend, the guy is going to have to do something out of the norm. Something that I wouldn't normally expect

    And of course with this guy, appearance doesn't make any difference


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  • What makes you decide you want to date a girl or not? its the same for girls. There has to be chemistry and you have to have whatever character attributes she likes in a guy...

    she obviously has to be attracted to you on a physical level too; to break it down though I have this guy friend and we are best friends and people probably think we are eventually going to get married but I can guarantee its never going to happen because his personality is too feminine for me to ever see him like that. I don't think he's gay, that's not what I mean, but he always likes to be 'cute' in the way an 8 year old would be cute... It all depends on how the girl views you and how compatible your personality types are. If she's really independent and outspoken then you have to let her be independent and you also have to show her that you're not going to be clingy and annoying. Whereas someone who is maybe more self conscious and needy will want a guy to be around her all the time and someone who is just as needy... That's the best way I can explain it sorry.

  • What would make me want to date a guy would be if he was you know sweet and fun &&& of course a cutie! lol---> but insides really shine once you get to know a guy and find out that he's a gentleman and he's sweet,funny,& understanding he becomes even more handsome to you than you realized at first!

    SO what would make me NOT want to date a guy is someone who is snobby and stuck up. Confidence is great- but arrogance is sooo unattractive. I wouldn't date a guy who was insensitive or rude. I also like to have a lot in common with a guy as well.

  • Well I think it all depends on the person and what that person likes well if your an asshole I really don't think they want 2 date you... Well some girls like asshole but most like nice boys and the big one is 2 be your self is the most import thing...That's what I think...well hope that helps

  • I think it's just the initial connection a girl has with a guy. If the girl feels that there could be something more she'll go for it. But that doesn't mean that if she doesn't go for it she's not interested. Think about how you met your best friend, you guys got along a bit at first and eventually got closer. Sometimes the first impression a guy has on a girl can make a big difference.


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