Ladies!! Tell me what she wants

she says we're friends but hangs out alone with me all the time or makes plans to hang out with me and its usually just the two of us. when we do hang out there are these awkward moments where we don't talk and it seems like neither of us know what to do. what's going on? do girls usually hang out with a "just friends" type one on one?

i never said I was interested in her that way. for me our relationship is platonic, and I explained that to her and she shakes her head and says OK but then she always suggests we hang out...I'm not gonna be mean, but then I'm not making any moves either


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  • Why would she want to hang out with you 1-1 if she doesn't like you?


What Guys Said 1

  • No. She's got you whipped my friend. Maybe she wants you to move the relationship forward, but you obviously don't have the cahones for the job. link