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When to text somone after meeting them?

I recently met this really nice girl say on the Monday for example, and whilst talking we got onto texting after meeting people and the three day... Show More

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  • Text her the next night, that's what she specifically said

What Girls Said 2

  • Be yourself. If she doesn't like it - she's not the one for you. Period.

    Text when you feel like it. She doesn't have to answer.. Does she?

    If she doesn't... then ... it was too much.. Then you move on.

What Guys Said 2

  • You shouldn't text her at all. Call her and arrange a face to face meeting, keep the conversation short. The most time you spend texting and on the phone the less chance you'll have too hook up

  • Hi my dear friend it is important that you obey your inner feeling. The rules that have been set by man like you and are broken by man like .

    I therefore see no reason to go a head and text her even if it was after one hour you can do it.

    For her it will mean you are more concern but for others will think you desperate .

    I am one man who care less about what others say if I love her I will do it then and show it off.

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