What the hell is with texting??

So I just got a phone, and the girl I like (and which I know likes me, she said so face to face!) and I text her and ask her to hang out like go swimming or something and she doesn't text me back...I am really confused, because I had assumed she would like to hang out every now and then...


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  • maybe she didn't get it? or maybe she didn't have time to respond to your text?

    sometimes I'm lazy and don't know what to say when someone texts me (yeah it's bad I know) but ..eh. it's not that I don't like the person or don't want to hang out it's just that I don't feel like responding at that very moment.

    also, girls prefer to be asked in person to hang out or via phone call, not text. It's ok if it's like a group outing or something to make sure everyone gets the invite and know who to text, but not to set up a date. It seems highly impersonal to have a date set up via text. good luck! :)


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  • You should call her, not text her, if you want a date. Text for a hangout when she is your girlfriend, not before.

    • So texting for a hangout before were an item is bad, ok.

    • You should be asking her for a date, not a casual hangout.

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  • are you sure you have your phone set up to text correctly?

    • Ya I'm sure, I texted her a lot before this and only after I asked her to hang out did she not text back. Is texting a big No for hanging out?

    • I don't think so. I always texted the people I like including my GF. have you seen her in person since this situation arised?

    • Well I really don't know the status of the relationship right now...I know kinda lame but its the truth, weve gone on a date, bout 2 days ago, and no haven't seen her...

  • Bro, don't put your life on hold or lose sleep over girls. If they know how you feel then it's out of your control. Take my advice, give them the chase they want. As long as they know how you feel you have done your part.