Why Don't Guys Wanna Date Me?

I Am Very Confident, Out Going, Understanding, && Hate To Be Controlling Kinda Person. I Thought These Were Some Good Qualities, But I Can't Seem To Find A Guy Who Wants To Date! Every Guy I Meet && Hang Out With, We Seem To Have An Amazing Time. But They Only Find Me Sexually Interested... I Don't Get It! I Don't Sleep With 'Em' ... Right Away! Every Guy I Met I'm Still Friends With... &&"Just Friends"!

I'm 19yrs Old. I Have A Daughter, && Sometimes Wonder If That's What's Stopping Them From Dating Me?. I'm In Good Shape, I'm Cute ( So I Think) && I Just Wanna Know Why I Can't I Find Some One To Date! Advise, Answers, Anything Please!


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  • sex is a need everything but people should not build on

    • Thanks, But Even IF We Have Sex.. It Don't Matter! && Its Not Because I'm A Bad Lay.. I Know I'm Good Or Atleast Been Told! So I Think Sex Isn't The Problem...

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    • Running Singles?

    • The aim should not be the end of each sex..from the heart to love the beautiful..shows the great interest..tell her you love you love is beautiful..


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  • i would avoid dating someone with a kid already, especially if she wasn't putting out for me. It just makes a girl come off like she had her fun and now wants to settle with some guy who can raise her kid, no thanx.

    • Sex Is InVolved && I'm Not Asking For Them TO Raise My Kid. My Kid Isn't EVen Around Them Really. I Kinda Avoid That Inless It Gets Serious! But She Has A Dad, && I'm Not Asking For Ne One Else To Raise Her!!!! Looking For Someone For Me.

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    • Yah. Honesty! Not Hostility... Ur Rude, Plain && Simple!

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  • 1st Step: Stop writing like a child

    • Ding.. Ding.. Dingg.. Wrong!

      Think B4 You Write: That's Not That Advise I Was Asking For So "F*** OFF"!!! :)