He kissed me?

Okay I met this guy a few weeks ago and I told him I liked this guy and him and he told my friend that he liked me too and wanted to talk except we saw each other the other day and he kissed me and hugged me hard and he wanted to keep kissing except I told him I don't want friends with benefits and he's like aw and I left then he saw my guy cousin and told him to bring me tomorrow to hang out so he can talk with me but he told my cousin he still has a girlfriend of three years ...What should I do


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  • It's your choice, what would be best for the situation? Would you feel right being with him even though he has a Girlfriend already? Would you kissing him or more lead to good things, to the best for everyone concerned in the situation? Consider and decide; You can even add me and discuss if you want to talk to someone about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • put yourself in his girlfriend place...will you accept that your guy cheat on you the way that guy is doing !...hugging you and kissing ...

    and if he will leave her for you, then he will leave you at a point for another girl