She wants to go out, but won't give me her number?

I asked her to hang out on FB and she said yes, but when I ask for her number she just doesn't respond... but responds to everything else. Is she playing some sort of game or is trying to hint that she isn't interested? What's up lol?


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  • She most likely doesn't want to hang out. She probablly said yes so your feelings aren't hurt, but by not giving you her number, she's kind of avoiding you.

    That might not really be the case, but its a possibility. If anything, just ask her if she's comfortable with you having her number, or ask her why she ignores that question.

    • I asked a similar question with a few more details and most seem to think she's playing games. Thank you for your input, I just needed more opinions on this. I'm just gonna ask her if she is comfortable, like you said.

    • Probablly, but oh well, if she doesn't want to hang out then just forget about her :) and you're welcome


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  • probably not interested...


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  • It sounds like she's either playing hard to get, or is not interested. Either way, she should be upfront about her intentions.