Why hasn't he text me yet?

Online the guy I like (who supposedly feels the same way as me) said he'd text me "not tonight but tomorrow definitely!"

About 10 minutes after he went offline, I got a text from him just telling me that he was doing something and I popped in his head so he thought he'd give me a text, then he just said goodnight, kisses, all normal! I replied the same.

It's been 2 days and I'm still waiting for this "tommorrow" text. It's not like I'm rocking back and forth beside the phone but, I'd just like to know that he's doing ok!

What should I do? Should I just text him or would that seem 'clingy'? Why do you think he hasn't contacted me?

Smittymd - Yeah we go to the same school, we've been at parties together, we've been on dates, we've hung out alot, we have a lot in common; I know him really well!

Hmmm. he did tell me he was pretty busy - but he still said he'd contact me?


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  • Guys do feel that girls are being "clingy" ridiculously easy. It drives me crazy sometimes. But anyways, like the 2 before me said, a guys idea of time is WAY different than a girls. I'd give it another day and then, talk to him online or shoot him a text asking "what's up?" But friendly, not crabby.


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  • I think the whole situation is kind of clingy. Have the two of you meet in person yet? If not I am not so sure that you have a strong relationship with this guy. Who really knows what he is doing, he could be dating somebody else and talks to you when he is bored. It is a possibility, guys are stupid. Get settle down and take it slow, if you really like this guy your best bet is to do some actual hanging out time to get to know each other in person.


What Girls Said 2

  • Just wait it out. He did text you pretty quickly after he got offline so he could be really busy or something. Guy time and girl time for getting back are WAY different. Give him a week and if he doesn't text you, talk to him online and see what he's been up to.

    Good luck!

  • You haven't talked to him for two days, so that wouldn't make you seem clingy. And just like what Miss-Spicy said, the time it takes guys to reply to things like text-messages is ridiculous compared to how fast we {girls} usually reply. So just give him a text going "Hey, whatcha been up to?" Or something along those lines.