No dating band members - I want to break the rules!

I just joined a band a few months ago and I'm the only girl, so the first rule they made when I joined was no dating the band members and it wasn't a problem at first, mostly because I didn't know all of them very well. Then I started hanging out with them more and one of the guys is super duper awesome and funny and sweet and has almost exactly the same taste in music as I do. So yea, naturally I wanna kill the rules. It's hard to tell if he likes me anyway, because the guys all call me there little sis and probably have started to see me that way, but we still flirt all the time and I heard from a reliable source (aka the lead singer) that on a day I dressed really girly they were talking about how pretty I was behind my back. (weird much) So yea I'm kinda dazed and confused right now and don't wanna let that kill the band.


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  • Whatever you do, Don't break the rules.

  • make sure he likes you,or make him to like you then only make a move on him


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